New Patients

Welcome to Lake Country Health Center. It is our privilege to care for you.  Our belief is that balance in the body, in nutrition, and in lifestyle benefits your health and reduces stress, a leading cause of pain and illness. Our goal is to make your visits with us as easy and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on getting better.

What will your initial chiropractic evaluation include?

Your first visit to Lake Country Health Center will consist of a thorough evaluation of your discomfort or complaint through discussion of your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle information, and family history followed by a careful spinal and extremity examination. Dr. Murray, Dr. Meye, and Dr. Reimer may also determine that more detailed information is needed from x-rays or other diagnostic imaging.

Health History

An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is based, in part, on the information you provide to us, including reliable and detailed information from your past and current health history. A thorough history simply ensures that we have the best information possible to recommend treatment for you. Even minute details can provide clues and direction to a trained chiropractic doctor.

Physical Examination

At Lake Country Health Center, listening is one of their greatest diagnostic tools. Our doctors insist on understanding your complaint and history thoroughly before beginning the physical examination. During the exam, they will move your spine, arms and legs through various positions to determine normal and abnormal ranges of motion.  Based on what they observe from the exam, they can locate areas of spinal stress or abnormal movement that are likely contributing to your ailment. They may prescribe a treatment plan using one or several therapies. Or, if your complaint is better served by another specialist, Dr. Dan, Dr.Brandon, and Dr. Morgan will refer you to another doctor who they know and trust to help you.

New Patient Forms Download Center

Below are most of the necessary forms we will need for your initial visit. Please click on the New Patient Intake Form below to print.

We will need you to bring the completed forms and insurance card along to your initial visit. You may email both of these to us at!

What questions, concerns, goals, regarding wellness can we help you with? Let us know!
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