2/28 - Better Backs, Better Balance

Better Backs, Better Balance

Dr. Dan gave a talk today at Three Pillars Wellness Connection on Tuesday, February 28th. What a beautiful facility! A BIG thank you to Kerry Holtz, the Wellness Connection Coordinator at Three Pillars Senior Living Communities, for all her help with getting this set up.

Some helpful tips Dr. Dan discussed at his talk:

• The importance of staying active! A body in motion stays in motion, as one of Newton’s laws states. We all need to get up and move around. We can’t let the fear of falling give us an excuse to sit on the couch all day, instead of moving around and being active.
• He also suggested taking walks on trails of uneven ground (not just going for walks on roads, cement, or blacktop). By being somewhat unbalanced on uneven ground, you gain balance.
• A helpful exercise he mentioned was writing the ABC’s with your ankles while seated. It sounds easy, but it’s actually very tiring (wait until you try it!).

Dr. Dan will be giving another talk at Three Pillars this April.
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