4/28 Growing Old Gracefully

Dr. Dan gave a talk at Three Pillars Wellness Connection for their “Lunch and Learn” on Thursday, April 28, 2012.  A big thank you to Kerry and Connie, at Three Pillars, who helped organize and make this a huge success.  The topic of Dr. Dan’s talk was Growing Old Gracefully.  Below is a summary of what Dr. Dan discussed. 

Not too many of us seem to enjoy the whole “aging process,” but not everyone gets the opportunity to live into their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond, so we need to remember each and everyday is a blessing.  Three elements to health include: social, physical, and spiritual aspects.  We all need to wake up each day with a purpose.  Whether it be volunteering, seeing family or friends, church, getting involved in an organization, projects, hobbies, etc.  We also shouldn’t isolate ourselves.  Being around others helps us stay happy, active, and healthy.  It’s important to move around and “get off your donkey,” as Dr. Dan stated.  Involving all three of these aspects helps us live a happy, healthy life.

Much of Dr. Dan’s talk focused on the ability of healing by having a positive attitude.  He can tell by the attitude of a patient when they walk in with an injury or pain, as to whether their condition will get better or not.  Studies have shown that those who have a positive attitude are much more likely to improve and heal.  Having positive attitudes, thoughts, and outlooks on life lead us to healing and being happier and healthier.

Wise vs. Smart.  There is a difference between being smart and being wise.  A benefit of aging is growing wiser.  Life teaches us a lot and those with age can teach the rest of us many great lessons and things about life.  Grandkids, make sure to ask your grandparents about their lives, memories, and lessons learned.  I know when we’re teenagers we think we know it all, but we really have so much more to learn. 

We can’t wait to get into high school, then turn 16 to drive, then be 18, then be in college, then to turn 21, then we want to get our career going, then we have to get married and have kids, get the promotion at work, and so on and so forth.  Before we know it, we’re driving ourselves crazy with all the things we think we need to be doing, when we’re really not ready to be in that stage of life yet. 

We need to remember to enjoy the now, because before we know it, we’ll be looking back at these times, as the good ol’ days.  We can’t keep thinking we’ll be happier when we have this or attain that, because the list will keep growing.  However, let’s simply just enjoy where we’re at right now.

In sum- Keep a positive attitude.  Don’t isolate yourself.  Get active.  Wake up with a purpose. Enjoy where you’re at right now in life.   These are the keys Dr. Dan shares with us to open the doors of growing old gracefully.
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